Jourdan + Andrew

published in Country Living Magazine

photograpy by John Dolan

“I can’t say enough about how much my husband and I loved working with Jeremy Rice and House! While planning our Kentucky wedding, we were living in New York and working two very hectic jobs. But Jeremy met with us at the drop of a hat when we came into town, and he immediately put us at ease as we developed a shared vision. When the big day rolled around, the team worked tirelessly (even through some serious thunderstorms) to create a stunning pergola, gorgeous bouquets, and centerpieces that couldn’t have been more perfect. The best part is that we had a blast in the process! We wouldn’t have had it any other way (well, minus all that rain). Thank you Jeremy and House for sharing your energy, passion, and talent with us!
—Jourdan and Andrew Fairchild”Untitled-1

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