Nature’s Best!


As with everything, with time, things change! With weddings, nothing is more true with this than the old ideal of weddings have to take place in a wedding.  We’ve done weddings in barns, in backyards, in gardens, wineries, even an opera house!

The pure of idea of an outside wedding is great, HOWEVER, you have to think about all of the other parts that go with it.  Is there parking? Will my guests have to walk a long way? Do I need electricity? Do I have access to water there?  Do I need to rent a restroom to use for my guests?  And of course, the most difficult question to ask….WHAT ABOUT RAIN?!!!!  We’re not trying to discourage you from an outdoor wedding, but just simply trying to point out that a nontraditional location often comes with lots of extra details you have to nail down.  It’s not as simple as just saying “we’ll do it outside” and bam everything happens!  For example, this July we did a wedding outside that was out on the grounds of a private golf course.  There was no access to water, nor electricity, and it was a 30 drive into town.  It took a lot of preplanning! But we did it!
If you’re thinking about a nontraditional location, the only advice we will give is look for places that inspire you and speak to your soul!  For these are the places that truthfully make weddings ones people will always remember!




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